Mike Whittle

Florist, Founder of K. Mike Whittle Designs Inc.

The Story: At 13 years old, I sold my first arrangement in a floral shop after asking a local florist if she wanted to buy cattails I picked from a retention pond near my home. I guess God knew that I really couldn’t afford to go to school for any kind of formal training, so he gave me the talent that I have today. After working at a flower shop in Carrollton, the opportunity came available to lease the old Clarke Library building next to Mayes-Ward Dobbins Funeral Home in Marietta. We opened that October with a Christmas open house and today K. Mike Whittle Designs Inc. is a full-service florist offering plants, flowers and food baskets for all life occasions, from birth to death and all the lovelies in between.

What sets our business apart from the average florist is our team. We have compiled some really creative and award-winning designers that work well together and put the “un” in unusual. Our design style could be described as “traditional with a flair.”  We take pride in being different and strive daily to outdo our-selves and to please both the customer and the recipient with both quality and style. My philosophy about customer service is “make it personal.” I want you to feel like you are the only customer that is important to me that day. And customers can expect four things, honesty, getting their money’s worth, satisfaction and unique flair.

Why Cobb County? I have always lived in Cobb County. It is a county that supports its local small business, industry and citi-zens and offers so much that a big city does, yet has a small-town feel.

What do you love about your job? The fact that God has given me the chance to use the talent and creativity that he gave me to make a living is such a blessing. And on top of that, he lets me work with the best team in the industry.

Leisure Time: I enjoy visiting the cabin in the mountains and playing with my grandbabies Berkley and Major. In the spring and summer, I enjoy planting my garden.

My Best Advice: I am really not one to give advice to anyone. The only thing I know is to dream like you know they are going to come true, because they will in his time.

What’s next? I will be opening a DIY Design Center in April off Sandy Plains Road here in Marietta. This will be a studio-style design center where folks can come to design and prepare their own flowers for their events. You will be able to have professional help, if you want it, buy your flowers and have all the tools and supplies you need to create the look you want. It will also offer floral design classes from the very basics to advanced design. The name will be Southern Academy of Floral Education and Design. I am excited because sharing my talents and the talents of my team is a passion.


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