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Marietta has numerous options for active adults to enjoy during their retirement.  Our Senior Living Guide is the most comprehensive resource available for information about Marietta’s senior living communities.

Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Cobb
Considering where to retire? While beautiful beaches and scenic mountain vistas may draw many away from metro Atlanta, there’s much more than a few significant senior tax exemptions that could make you rethink remaining in Cobb County or choosing it as your new home.  From quality senior services to endless entertainment options for the family and grandkids, view the top 10 reasons you should consider living out your golden years in Cobb.

Living Options for Cobb Seniors
Cobb County is making strides in providing opportunities for its population of active seniors to age in place without compromising a high standard of living. A variety of local senior living communities offers a range of options from independent living all the way to hospice care. Over the past few years, the notion of aging in place, where residents can move to different sections of the same facility as their health needs change, has grown in popularity.

Planning for the Golden Years
It’s never too early to start planning. Asked when you should start saving for retirement or otherwise making preparations, the experts typically recommend “Today, if not sooner.”  The realities of aging and retirement are looming large for the greying baby boom generation, but all adults need to prepare legally and financially for the inevitable and learn about the options available to them.

The Wide Angle of Retirement
Every day, updated reports outline statistics on the changing face of retirement for the current generation. Countless commercials address new issues arising for a growing population of senior citizens. The typical concepts of “advanced age” and “elderly” continually evolve far beyond the standards previously measured as people thrive well into their 80s and 90s. These golden years may last decades longer than expected and may require more coin from the treasure chest. Financial planning to support that next phase of life looks much different when viewed through a modern lens, focusing with an aperture of 20 to 30 years.

Keeping Your Body and Mind Fit
No matter your age, doctors have always stressed the importance of staying both mentally and physically fit. As we age, they say it’s even more important because it allows you to be more independent for longer, and that’s why we are encouraged to get out there and exercise both our minds and bodies on a regular basis.

Are You Fully Prepared For Your Golden Years?
So, you think you’ve done everything right in order to live out your golden years comfortably? You’re living in your “forever home.” You are retired or nearing retirement. You have savings and a well-funded retirement account. You have great healthcare coverage, and once you reach a certain age, the government will pick up the slack through Medicare, right? Well, it turns out there’s at least one more to-do item if you want to live worry-free into old age.