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Weather Siren Testing

Cobb County performs siren testing on the first Wednesday of each month at noon.  If it is raining or the weather conditions are unusual, testing is delayed until the first Thursday of each month at noon.

There are currently 74 sirens including 10 that also broadcast voice messages in Cobb County.  The sirens are meant to be heard by those who are outdoors during an emergency.  The siren is a warning to seek shelter or cover from approaching imminent danger.

Sirens are sounded for 3-5 minutes if:

  • The National Weather System (NWS) issues a tornado warning.
  • A tornado has been spotted by a trained storm spotter.
  • Additional weather warnings necessitating public warning are issued.*
  • Hazardous Materials incidents have occurred whereby evacuation, shelter-in-place, or other protective action is necessary.*
  • A National Security Event has occurred.*
  • Any other incident or impending danger where the CEMA Director or Deputy Director determines the need for public notification and protective action.*

*All sirens can be used to warn residents to seek shelter. However, only sirens that can deliver voice messages will be utilized for any other protective action.

Other Ways to Receive Weather Notifications

NOAA Weather Radio

Nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting 24/7 weather information from the local National Weather Service (NWS) Office in Peachtree City, GA.


Mass notification system used by Cobb County to send calls, texts and/or emails to citizens. Notifications include weather-related risks, as well as other pertain notifications relevant to the safety of life and property.  SwiftReach registration is optional and available online or via the SwiftReach app.