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Marietta Confederate Cemetery

Established in 1863, this was originally the resting place for 20 Confederate soldiers killed in a train wreck north of town. After the Civil War more than 3,000 Confederate soldiers who died elsewhere were recovered and reburied there. By 1902 their wooden markers had deteriorated and many names were lost by that time. They were replaced with plain marble markers.

Adjacent to the older Marietta City Cemetery, Marietta Confederate Cemetery is on a hill overlooking the downtown square from the south. This is the final resting place for Confederate soldiers from nearby hospitals and the battles of the Atlanta Campaign that took place around Marietta including Kolb’s Farm and Kennesaw Mountain.

Over the years the Confederate Cemetery suffered. Unlike the nearby National Cemetery, the Confederate Cemetery had to rely on donations, mainly from Marietta citizens. The area fell into disrepair over the years. However, thanks to the efforts of many local groups over the past twenty years many repairs and improvements have been made, returning the cemetery to its former glory.

Marietta Confederate Cemetery is located between Marietta City Cemetery and Brown Park.

Open daily from dusk to dawn


395 Powder Springs St,
Marietta, GA 30064