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Marietta Confederate Cemetery

The Marietta Confederate Cemetery, established in 1863, holds the distinction of being one of the oldest Confederate cemeteries in the United States. Its origins are rooted in the heart of the Civil War, as it was established to provide a final resting place for Confederate soldiers who had valiantly given their lives in defense of their homeland.  Situated adjacent to the older Marietta City Cemetery, the Marietta Confederate Cemetery is prominently positioned on a hill overlooking the downtown square from the southern vantage point.

Originally, the Marietta Confederate Cemetery began as the burial ground for 20 Confederate soldiers who tragically lost their lives in a train wreck north of town. It was later expanded to serve as the final resting place for Confederate soldiers who had been cared for in nearby hospitals and those who had participated in the battles of the Atlanta Campaign, including significant engagements such as Kolb’s Farm and Kennesaw Mountain.

After the Civil War, a solemn new mission unfolded, as more than 3,000 Confederate soldiers who had perished elsewhere were carefully recovered and reinterred within its hallowed grounds. By 1902, the wooden markers that had initially marked their resting places had deteriorated, resulting in the loss of many names over time. In a poignant gesture of remembrance, these markers were replaced with simple yet dignified marble counterparts.

Within the cemetery, visitors are greeted by rows of meticulously aligned headstones that serve as a solemn tribute to the bravery and unwavering dedication of those who fought for the Southern cause.

Over the years, the Marietta Confederate Cemetery faced financial challenges and fell into disrepair, in contrast to the nearby Marietta National Cemetery, which received federal support from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The maintenance and restoration of the Confederate Cemetery depended largely on donations, primarily from the citizens of Marietta. As time took its toll, the area required substantial attention.

However, in a heartwarming testament to the dedication of local groups and Marietta citizens, the past few decades have witnessed a remarkable transformation. Through their tireless efforts, repairs and improvements have been diligently undertaken, restoring the Marietta Confederate Cemetery to its former glory. Today, this historic site is maintained as both a place of remembrance and a commitment to preserving the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their beliefs and homeland.

Marietta Confederate Cemetery is located in between Marietta City Cemetery and Brown Park.

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