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As one of the first indoor entertainment destinations in Cobb, Dave & Busters in Marietta was the company’s fourth facility in the nation. Opened in 1992, Dave & Busters has continued to update its technology and activities. In 2012, it added a sports viewing area with three 180-inch high-definition televisions, 10 90-inch screens and eight 80-inch screens. It was part of a $3 million renovation and expansion.

“We’ve broadened our theme line from ‘Eat, Drink and Play’ to ‘Eat, Drink, Play and Watch Sports,’ and we really have become a favorite spot for people to watch all kinds of sports,” says Cory Kersh, assistant general manager. “We’ll have plenty of activities around events like the Super Bowl, and we like it when groups come in to watch their favorite teams with us.”

Kersh says that the largest draw continues to be for the Dave & Busters game room. “With 120 playing stations, a full-service bar and seating for 100, the game room is always the center of activity.” The company offers a number of games that originated as mobile apps, including Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja.

Dave & Busters
2215 D&B Drive
Marietta, GA 30067

(770) 951-5554

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