Head Chef Kevin Schroeder asked himself one question when he founded High Road Craft Ice Cream, the innovative ice cream company that moved to 1730 W. Oak Commons Court in Marietta, “How can we elevate ice cream to the level of truly exceptional?” The result—craft ice cream that focuses on adapting to local food trends and partnering with local artisanal food producers.

Started in 2010, High Road boasts chefs who make all of their own mixes, including one that Schroeder created on his own and was inspired by a 1900s Cornell University textbook—Italian gelato technology and a French custard mix recipe. “Keith loves getting in the kitchen, crafting and developing new recipes for ice creams,” says Shaun Chavis, director of content and culture at High Road.

It is this creativity that has propelled the company to success, requiring them to move to a larger factory facility. The move to Marietta allows High Road to increase its capacity by 10, with three lines and the ability to do small batch ice cream. “We’ll have a factory store for people to visit on Saturdays where they can buy ice cream by the pint,” Chavis says. The store will also feature novelty items, snacks and seasonal ice creams. Additionally, a large display window will give visitors a peek inside the factory.

Schroeder, who is also an author, has written “Mad Delicious: The Science of Making Healthy Food Taste Amazing.” It is a kitchen science book that explores cuisines around the world and inherently healthy dishes. Check out the factory store, and the cookbook, released Oct. 21, 2014, to experience High Road’s unique approach to ice cream and quality cuisine. Learn more at highroadcraft.com.


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