Bill Byrne served as Chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners from 1992 until 2002. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and since 1972 has owned the Byrne Design Group, a planning firm that focuses on master planning, site planning, environmental impact analysis and zoning presentations.

Why Are You Running? I am running for Commission Chairman to restore public safety as the primary responsibility for Cobb County government. Protecting Cobb’s residents must always be the government’s focus. I am running to restore financial credibility to the budget process in Cobb County and protect Cobb’s AAA credit rating.

Finally, I am running to restore the stability and integrity to Cobb County government that will encourage small businesses to invest in Cobb County and provide a stable economy for all Cobb’s residents.

What Are Your Political Views? I believe that sound fiscal policy is mandatory. I do not believe that we can borrow our way out of debt. I do not believe that government can tax itself out of a deficit. I do believe that the best way to manage government, at any level, is to reduce spending and not increase revenues.

I believe that small business is the heart and soul of Cobb County. Small business creates new jobs that last and creates new consumers. The success of small business is the yardstick for the strength of our local economy.

I believe that we should build on our quality of life, not tear it down. As Cobb County continues to grow, the Commission Chairman must protect the residential and business communities we already have. We must emphasize quality, not quantity, with the new growth and build on the
quality of life that already exists in Cobb County.

I believe that there is a primary responsibility of the Commission Chairman to the police and fire departments. The Commission Chairman must ensure that our police and fire departments are properly staffed with the necessary equipment to perform their jobs. We must continually strive for a crime-free society void of the illegal drugs that are destroying our children.

Look at the record and ask yourself this simple question: “Can we continue to afford business-as-usual?” If you want to make a change, then I need your help, your support and your vote. Give me the opportunity to cut this runaway budget, reduce government waste and return our county government to the people.
(404) 272-0564
P.O. Box 2211
Marietta, GA 30061


  1. I have track of land corner Kirkpatrick and Whitlock accross from Church. If you want to put your compaing sign at the site please call me at 678-612-1940;


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