Near the intersection of Anderson Street and Waddell Street, there are public parking lots with spaces available for $5 per vehicle.   Located directly adjacent to these paid lots is a private parking lot known as the Tillman lot.  Signs in the Tillman lot indicate “Parking for 25 & 27 Atlanta St. ONLY!” Be sure to avoid this parking lot (unless you are visiting a business located at either address) as you may be booted or towed if you park there.

Robert Tillman, who owns 25 & 27 Atlanta St and the parking lot behind the building, prefers to reserve the space for his tenants and their customers. Tillman explained that the parking lot was often filled to capacity with random motorists who want free parking rather than pay the $5 charge in the nearby lots, and he has lost previous tenants because of it.

A sign on the side of Johnnie MacCraken’s warns patrons to avoid the small lot behind 25 & 27 Atlanta St.

Paid public parking is available in the lot adjacent to the Tillman lot.  Do not park in the smaller parking lot behind 25 & 27 Atlanta St. buildings near the intersection of Anderson Street and Waddell Street.

There are several warning signs noting that the lot is private.  Visitors to the Marietta Square should avoid this parking lot at all times, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

There are numerous free and paid parking options throughout the Marietta Square area. For more, please visit our Marietta Square Parking Guide.


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