There are numerous free and paid parking options throughout the Marietta Square area. The Square features both paid and free parking lots, as well as free parking spaces and paid parking decks.  Two of the parking decks are owned by Cobb County, and one is owned by the City of Marietta.  The maps below will help you find the right place to park for any location or event.

​Free 15-Minute Parking:
In an effort to promote the many small businesses that are open for carryout, six 15-minute parking spots are available around the Square for curbside pickup.

Cobb County parking decks:
Marietta Square is home to the Cobb County Waddell Street parking deck and the Cobb County Lawrence Street parking deck.  The Waddell Street parking deck, attached to the 100 Cherokee St. Cobb County Government building, is open to employees only from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  The Waddell Street parking deck is open to the public after 5pm on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday.  The Lawrence Street parking deck is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cobb County Waddell Street parking deck (top left) and the Cobb County Lawrence Street parking deck (bottom right).

Cobb County parking deck rates:

  • First 30 minutes = Free
  • 30-60 minutes = $2
  • 1-2 hours = $4
  • 2-4 hours = $6
  • 4-6 hours = $7
  • 6 or more hours or lost ticket = $8

When entering the parking decks, you will need to pull a ticket upon entering the structure, then pay through kiosks at the exit.

Marietta Square/Glover Park
Free two hour parking is available in the numerous parking spaces surrounding Glover Park in the center of Marietta Square.  In addition, six free 15-minute spots are available for customers picking up orders.
Additional parking is also available down many of the side streets surrounding Glover Park.

Marietta City Hall Parking Deck
Public parking is available in the upper levels of the Marietta City Hall parking deck.  The deck is located between City Hall and the U.S. Post Office at 211 Lawrence Street.

Parking is free at the Marietta City Hall parking deck for those with city business Monday through Friday.  Parking validation is required upon exit, and those without validation must pay $20.  Parking is free (no validation required) weekdays from 5pm to 7:30am and free on Saturdays and Sundays.

Anderson Street/Waddell Street Lots
Private parking lots (about $5) are located near the intersection of Anderson Street and Waddell Street.

Be sure to only park in the paid lots and pay for your space. Do not park in the adjacent lot with the sign reading “Parking for 25 & 27 Atlanta St. ONLY!” as you may be booted or towed if you park there (known as the Tillman lot – marked in red above).

Marietta Welcome Center
Free two hour parking is available in the parking lot across the railroad tracks from the Marietta Welcome Center.

Root House Parking
Free parking next to the Marietta Root House Museum. There is also a paid parking lot near the intersection of North Marietta Parkway and Mill Street.

Handicapped Parking on the Square


  1. Please for the love of parking…make the Cherokee St. Parking Deck’s signage BIGGER & closer to the entrance. Plus, move it CLOSER to the entrance. People DON’T notice it because the original sign is: 1. On the ground/ground level, 2. it is painted brown, 3. it is placed way beyond the entrance & people have already passed it.

  2. What bunch of crap!! This is going to hurt the farmers market. The market brings customers to the square and the city forgets that. Greedy!!! Maybe this money can pay for some more fancy sidewalks.

  3. I used to love going to Marietta Square, in part because it was always free and easy to park, but I have stopped going very much since being charged for parking. Can’t help but feel it’s going to hurt the local businesses on the square.

  4. Thank you very much for providing information about available parkings near the Square area. A group of us will be attending a concert on June 25th and this info makes it easier for us to decide where to park.


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