The time is fast approaching when the annual North Georgia State Fair will be accepting entries for the non-commercial exhibit competitions, which feature flowers, baked goods, canning, and arts and crafts. Area residents are encouraged to enter their masterpieces in categories such as homemade canned goods, photography, painting, woodcarving, basketry, needlework and more in the competition.


“We encourage everyone to enter their flowers, fruits and vegetables this year. Come on out and show off your prized horticulture specimens and win a blue ‘first place’ ribbon. If you are interested in entering a design, check out the schedule and contact the design consultant and entries chair,” said Holly Walquist, chairperson of the flower shows and board member of the Marietta Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. and the Cobb County Fair Association.


The fairgrounds will be filled with the sights and smells of colorful, fragrant flower displays designed to help you see blooms of the south in a different medium. The categories of competition include roses, dahlias, orchids, cactuses, lilies, irises, begonias, zinnias, marigolds, asters, impatiens, daisies, herbs, shrubs, trees, vines, chrysanthemums, hanging plants, fruit plants and more; as well as design categories.


Instead of a single bloom or plant, the design categories encourage creativity in designing displays with natural and floral ingredients. Vegetable entries are also accepted at both flower shows. Educational exhibits are also welcome. Participants in the single specimen or container categories just need to get their entries in by the proper time.


The competition is open to gardeners of all ages, and children are encouraged to enter.

For additional information about non-commercial exhibits, please visit or contact the event organizers at:
Before September 4th – (770) 423-1330
After September 4th – (770) 528-8989


  1. II would like to enter some very unusual coiled pine needle baskets in the arts and crafts competition.

    How do I go about this?

    Is there a cost for each entry?

    Thank you

    Mimi Anapolle

  2. My wife has raise what is called a brain flour from seed. How do I enter it and what day must I bring it to the fairground to enter it in the exhibit?


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