The annual East Cobber Parade and Festival takes place on Saturday, September 9, 2023. The event begins with a parade that starts in the Mt. Bethel Elementary School parking lot and travels one mile south on Johnson Ferry Road to end at Olde Towne Parkway.

The parade includes over two thousand participants and more than eighty groups in floats, marching bands, classic cars, and more. This East Cobb parade is sometimes referred to as the candy parade as nearly all floats toss candy to the crowd.

The parade starts at 10am
The festival starts at 11am


  1. Local Artists, Ric and Pam Cushenan of The Loose Shoes Band, will perform at high noon. Their soulful Rock & Blues tunes will make you dance across the festival grounds. Come by and enjoy your home grown musical treasures…

  2. This “tradition” needs to stop immediately. To continue to annually feed one woman’s delusion that East Cobb is some sort of tiny, close-knit hamlet is irresponsible. I come from a family that has lived out here since the 1940s and I can tell you right now that any feeling of a small community vanished in the mid-70s when all the subdivisions were built, including the one this woman lives in. The widening of Johnson Ferry Road to four lanes and then six lanes with a median in order to accommodate all these new subdivisions and their traffic also killed any sense of community, especially since most of this was done by running roughshod over the locals; a trend that continues to this day.
    To shut down the only major artery to this area for several hours is also an unacceptable indulgence of the Parade organizer’s hubris. To inconvenience hundreds of homeowners by blocking their ability to get out of their homes or neighborhoods, to prevent myriad businesses from being able to open or get to their stores, and to prevent access to senior living facilities in order to tout “community pride” smacks of middle-class arrogance.
    ENOUGH of this faux community pride of inconvenience. If East Cobb wants to celebrate community, fine. Have a fair at the Mt. Bethel school, but don’t shut down a major route for almost four hours and inconvenience thousands. Keep your fantasy of small town life off the main roads.

  3. I am from Tampa and was visiting family this weekend. We went to the parade and festival and had a wonderful time! What a great tradition!


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