Whether it’s addressing Christmas cards or party invitations, picking up that now-repaired watch from the jewelers or deep cleaning your home, the services of a personal assistant can simplify the holidays.

Amanda Brown of Absolutely Yours Concierge offers the following tips for getting and staying organized during the holidays:

  • Start early. Many things can be done in advance, such as pulling together party invitation and Christmas card lists, selecting recipes for special occasions, making shopping lists for food and gifts.
  • Put your lists into categories — shopping, cleaning, party organizing, decorating, miscellaneous errands.
  • Include honey-do items you and your spouse have been putting off, especially those that are “visible” to guests.
  • Take inventory of what you have before the holidays begin. Include food items, gifts in your “present closet” and decorations.
  • Declutter, clean and put personal touches in your guest room if you’re having family or other overnight guests — fresh flowers, a small welcome gift, special soap or lotion in the bathroom.
  • As you put away your holiday decorations and accessories, consider purging those that are a bit worn or out of date. Then you can purchase new items in the after Christmas sales, organizing and labeling them.

“Always make your lists with your budget in mind,” Brown adds. “That way, you can avoid impulse purchases.”


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