Fourth of July Parade, Festival, and Fireworks


Come out and celebrate America’s independence as the City of Marietta hosts the 2014 Fourth in the Park celebration beginning on Friday, July 4, 2014 at 10am. The Independence Day celebration begins with the Marietta Freedom Parade that starts at Roswell Street Baptist Church and ends at North Marietta Parkway. The parade features marching units from the City of Marietta, Air National Guard Band of the South, local civic organizations, beauty pageant queens, scouts and local businesses of all types. After the parade there will be free live concerts and entertainment, museum tours, food, arts and crafts, carnival games, and of course fireworks.

2014 Schedule:

  • Marietta Freedom Parade, 10 a.m.
  • Festival, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Concert, 12 p.m.
  • Bell Ringing ceremony, 2 p.m.
  • Float contest awards, 2:15 p.m.
  • Atlanta Concert Band, 2:30 p.m.
  • Concert, 8 p.m.
  • Fireworks, dark

The parade spans a 1.5 mile route beginning at Roswell Street Baptist Church and heads west on Roswell St, then north on East Park Square through Marietta Square, then down Cherokee Street and finishing at North Marietta Parkway. The parade features more than two thousand participants in more than one hundred entries, and there will be an estimated thirty thousand people in attendance. Watch as local businesses, civic organizations, beauty queens, bands, scouts, National Guard, and numerous floats participate and compete for prizes based on design, color, theme, appearance, originality, and riders and costumes.

The Arts and Crafts show features more than eighty different vendors showcasing a wide variety of products. The vendors will be open from 10am to 9pm.

Food will be available from a variety of concessions beginning at 10am. Marietta Square restaurants will also be open for business.

Carnival games are available throughout the park at Marietta Square from 10am-9pm; tickets for games available at booths located throughout the park.

Fireworks light up the sky and patriotic music fills the air at dark.

For more information, please call the Marietta Parks and Recreation department at (770) 794-5601.

For the weather related updates, please visit the following links:

Marietta Square Decorated with American Flags


  1. lisa says

    Will the traditional, fabulous firework display from the square be on Sun., the 4th only or Sat., the 3rd or both nights?

      • Lonny says

        I just talked to the recreation dept and the festivities are on the 4th of July, thursday, pending a meeting today on the 3rd, about cancellation due to the rain!

  2. james marland says

    Awesome night for fireworks! Great seats and free parking at community Bible church. Sitting on the hill near white cross looking into a clear sky.

    • says

      Hi Elsie,
      One of the best places to park is the Cobb County Parking Deck. You can enter at the Waddell Street entrance. The Waddell Street entrance is on Waddell Street near the intersection with Hansell St. The best address we can give you for the parking deck is:
      Cobb County Parking Deck – Waddell Street entrance
      Hansell St NW & Waddell St NE
      Marietta, GA 30090

  3. Shay says

    What time will the fireworks go off on July 4th (tomorrow) and where’s the best place to sit to watch them ?

  4. Jordan says

    Hey, i noticed it’s raining and doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon. Are the fireworks still scheduled?

  5. David says

    I haven’t heard anything either but the weather channel map on my iPhone shows a lot of rain all around for quite a while. :-(

  6. Sandy says

    Ok why are the firework going off?? It is pouring down rain and lightening. Not to mention they started 30 minutes early!! What if the purpose of a rain date??

  7. Shay says

    This sucks I was really looking forward to seeing the fireworks but now im not thrilled they should have kept us updated Im calling it a night

  8. Sam says

    Thanks for letting us know yall would still do fireworks in rain and lightening… happy 4th to you too.

  9. David says

    Whoever decided to go ahead with the fireworks in the middle of the steady rain and lightning should be ashamed. Those of us with small children who have been waiting for some notification have apparently missed the fireworks that the children have been looking forward to all weekend. Why do you even bother with posting a rain date? If tonight’s weather doesn’t qualify nothing ever will. The City of Marietta should be ashamed……

    • Sandy says

      I so agree. I have small children and I was not happy about standing in the rain and lighting holding an umbrella. It is embarrassing that marietta would go ahead and shot then off. Who is in charge?

    • Bartley says

      I agree. My daughter is VERY disappointed. We look forward to the Marietta Square event each year, and have loved going in years past. We were there from 4pm and called it a night around 8:45pm after sitting through 3 severe thunder & lightening storms. We were thinking for sure they would use their “rain date,” as it was still storming. Whoever made that call should definately be replaced by someone with better communication & public relations skills, not to mention more common sense. I would love to know who was in charge of that. What a shame!!

  10. Ricky-O says

    Smells like fireworks and farts. I’ve had gas for 2 hours waiting on firecrackers. Now I got gas and the farts

  11. says

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Well, except for you “Ricky-O” – not sure you added much value to the conversation. 😉

    Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July. If you have more comments that you would like to share with the city of Marietta, please give them a call tomorrow – Tuesday, July 5th at (770) 794-5601.

  12. Thomas says

    I completely agree with David and feel bad for those who missed out. Even for those who were able the watch, the fireworks were not as nearly as good as last year.
    This is an embarrassment for the city an clearly a bad call.

  13. Matt says

    I thought they were pretty good, yeah it was raining a little… Good thing I went home and got an umbrella. The lighting actually added some pretty cool effects. To all the ppl crying, sorry you missed them… Personally I assumed they were still on until cancelled.

  14. Tracy says

    We were there and waiting in the rain. People were going around saying that there was an announcement at the square that they were cancelled so we left. I cannot believe that they set them off. I will be contacting the city tomorrow.

  15. John says

    I am one of those individuals who has children and our family did not stay because of the rain and lightning. My daughter was mortified that we did not get to see the fireworks and I told her as she was going to bed that I was pretty sure that we would be able to see them tomorrow night……so is it confirmed that there will be no other fireworks held?

  16. says

    i agree i am so mad because i was excited due to the rain my parents said no for
    safety reasons:( i cried and Marietta square sucks now

  17. Kay says

    I think it’s pretty crappy that the police were clearing everyone out of the square around 8pm yet they still had the fireworks. We went home cause the cops told everyone to clear out and we missed the fireworks. They really should have given out more information. Why have a rain date if you’re shooting fireworks in rain and lightening? VERY frustrated!

  18. JenShopper1 says

    If you kept your children out of the rain and lightening last night, as I did, there are fireworks in Woodstock tonight @ 9:15.

    • says

      Hi JenShopper1,
      Thanks for the comment and information. Here is a map to the City of Woodstock fireworks show, rescheduled for tonight – July 5, 2011:
      Target Shopping Center, 140 Woodstock Square Avenue, Woodstock, GA 30189

      View Larger Map

  19. Jen says

    We’re very disappointed about the fireworks. My daughter was looking forward to them all weekend, and it was going to be her first time seeing them. It was storming, so we kept trying to find out if they were having them or not. We finally decided that surely they wouldn’t be setting them off in the lightning and rain. After many tears from my daughter, we told her that we’d take her tonight. I guess that’s not going to happen.

    We were so looking forward to the fireworks and our daughter’s first experience watching them. I’m very disappointed in the decision to set them off during the stormy weather.

  20. East Cobber says

    What is the purpose of having a rain date when it was pouring and lightning we finally left since we did not think they would have them. And too boot someone hit my car in the church parking lot and didnt bother to leave a note —I hope you are feeling guilty whoever damaged my suv!! Shame on you! Worst 4th ever!!

  21. Ryan Russell says

    I can’t believe that they didn’t postpone the fireworks last night! I was at the dentist today talking about how I was looking forward to seeing the fireworks tonight without any rain and I was glad that they had a rain delay date. The hygienist then informed me that one of her friends stayed and stood underneath the Family Life Center drive under portion and watched from there and they did go on as planned. Why have a rain delay if you are going to set off the fireworks anyway when it is pouring rain and even lightning? Maybe the City of Marietta should have a better way to let people know if the fireworks are going to go on as planned in inclement weather. I also heard that the police were clearing people out at 8pm. Why would they do that if the fireworks still happened? I don’t understand why this happened but there should be something done to remedy the situation. The tax payers paid for this event and most of us would actually like to see it and they ended up mostly just wasting lots of money on fireworks that hardly any of us saw.

  22. Mike says

    Boo to the city of Marietta!!! It’s nice to see our tax dollars well spent on NOT seeing the fireworks! This just shows how competent our “community organizers” are.

  23. Joe says

    What in the world was the thought process of whoever was in charge last night? Are you trying to piss off the general public? How is it possibly a good idea to keep people out in the rain and lightning to watch (from what I’m hearing) a piss poor fireworks show? Did you know that the show was gonna suck so the rain made the decision easier? Knowing that most people would leave would provide a good excuse to go forward with a “below par” performance.
    Don’t get me wrong, we love seeing the fireworks at the Square, but this irresponsible decision is pretty horrible and extremely disappointing that there was seemingly no concideration for public safety or entertainment.
    Very disappointing.

  24. Lenise says

    What a disgrace City of Marietta. Did you really think it was a good idea to do fireworks while it was storming outside??? What is the point of a Rain date? If that doesn’t qualify as rain, I don’t know what does. My kids had been looking forward to them all week. What would you have done if someone got hurt out there in the lighting storm. You should be ashamed!

  25. Mike B. says

    Woodstock put on a great show tonight. We the tax payers deserve an answer as to why the show was put on last night. Last night’s weather was an unsafe environment for the public and the city didn’t care.

  26. Chris Neil says

    The fireworks were shot by many cities around the state even in light rain for several reasons. 1. Fireworks are safer when shot after they have been loaded, especially when you are dealing with explosives.

    Rain dates cost money! you wouldn’t spend hundreds to do a job and then do all the labor again for free would you?

    I didn’t think so…

  27. Amber Harper says

    You really think Woodstock put on a great show? The same company put on Villa Rica go ask them how it went or watch it on youtube I bet they will never be back!!

  28. Hannah Buckner says

    What time do people start showing up to “claim their spot” in the morning? I plan on being there at 8, but is that even early enough to get a good spot in the middle of the square?

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