A new 41,403 square foot grocery-only store has been approved for construction at 1137 Powder Springs Road. The location will be one of the first Walmart Neighborhood Markets in Georgia and is expected to create 80 to 100 jobs. The new Walmart Neighborhood Market will be built within the existing Bellemeade Shopping Center, replacing the Food Depot which closed earlier this year.

“We are very pleased to see this new investment in our city and expect it to positively impact the economy of the area,” said city manager Bill Bruton. “We’re hopeful the store will generate other new businesses nearby. Also, the appearance of the building and landscaping will blend well with the streetscape enhancements the city has made on Powder Springs Street.”

The store is scheduled to open as early as 2012.

Here are some pictures to show what the new Marietta WalMart grocery store might look like when it opens in 2012:


      • im interested in working parttime with yaw. I have worked at walmart before and had experienced
        in doing colorizing putting them in there sizes the clothes
        and cleaning off the racks. I would like to do either bagging or cashering work and im fast with my hands and on top of worker and get along with the customers and also
        learn to do things quickly
        and can help customers with a problem if they need some help.I want to work parttime if that is ok with you maybe like 10 until 3 in the afternoon and every other weekend would be fine with me if i can have those hrs. thanks sincerely,risaanglin

  1. I am looking for a great retail job and I am 47 years old with lots of experience. I am looking for either part time or full. Jobs are at a premium in this area in 2012. This area is probably 25% unemployed. I am ready to go to work.

  2. I would love to see a Walmart Neighborhood Market open in Grantville GA 30220 we have prime location right off the express way HWY 85 that feeds Moreland ,Newnan ,Hogansville ,LaGrange ,Luthersville also Sharpsburg feeds into this area.HWY 29 is right off the exit and would be ideal for today’s shopper ,with people coming home from work could stop in pick up dinner for the evening also shopping for the week , month etc……Grantville has longed for a grocery for many years we are so in need of this store more so than Newnan or Lagrange.
    PLEASE consider this your next area to locate we NEED you so badly.


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