The Summer Square Screenings invite film enthusiasts and families to come together under the stars for a series of movie nights at Glover Park in Marietta Square.  Movies start at dark (around at 8pm) and each event has a distinctive theme, complemented by a film and a variety of themed activities.


  • “Blue For You!” – April 12th
    Kicking off the series, “Blue For You!” night celebrates the vibrant spirit of Hawaii with the screening of the classic film, “Blue Hawaii.” The evening is set to transport attendees to the picturesque beaches and lush landscapes of the Aloha State, complete with luau-themed activities and crafts. It’s the perfect escape to a tropical paradise, right from the heart of Marietta.
  • “Made in May-retta” – May 17th
    May’s screening shines a spotlight on “Hidden Figures,” a film that tells the inspiring story of three brilliant African-American women at NASA who were instrumental in one of history’s greatest operations. The night’s activities and games will orbit around space exploration and Marietta’s own contributions to science and space, offering both entertainment and education.
  • “Bricks and Blacklights” – June 21st
    June brings an electrifying combination of creativity and fun with “Bricks and Blacklights” night, featuring “The Lego Movie.” This evening is all about building and imagination, illuminated by the glow of blacklights. Attendees can look forward to Lego-themed activities and games that are sure to light up smiles and spark creativity in builders of all ages.

Dark (around 8 pm)


Historic Marietta Square and Glover Park
50 Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060

Marietta Square Parking

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