Photo Enforced - Red Light Camera Warning SignMarietta currently has three red light cameras (4 more coming in 2023 or 2024) that are used to detect when a vehicle crosses a designated stopping place after a traffic light becomes red. The red light cameras issue automatic citations using the vehicle license plate information.  When a driver is issued a $70 ticket, it is classified as a civil penalty and is not reported to the driver’s insurance company and it is not added to the driver’s record.

The three intersections in the City of Marietta are:

2023 Update – Red light cameras are coming soon to:

The effectiveness of red light cameras in preventing accidents is a topic of ongoing debate and research. Proponents argue that these cameras can serve as a deterrent, encouraging drivers to obey traffic signals and reducing the number of red light violations, which, in turn, can potentially lead to a decrease in right-angle accidents at intersections. On the other hand, critics contend that red light cameras may not significantly impact accident rates and could, in some cases, lead to an increase in rear-end collisions as drivers brake abruptly to avoid receiving a citation.

A recent study that examined traffic accidents for 3 large Texas cities over a 12-year period found that after hundreds of thousands of accidents, there was “no evidence that red light cameras improve public safety. They don’t reduce the total number of vehicle accidents, the total number of individuals injured in accidents or the total number of incapacitating injuries that involve ambulance transport to a hospital.”

Using cameras to issue traffic citations is a process that frequently faces intense scrutiny, as many perceive it as a means to generate revenue rather than prioritizing public safety. Often, as is the case in Marietta, these programs are administered by out-of-state, for-profit contractors, which further fuels skepticism about their true intentions and effectiveness.

In 2008, the City of Marietta collected $1,500,000 and netted a profit of almost $1,000,000 after expenses from the red light cameras. 2009 revenues at all three intersections were $1,420,466, minus expenses of $553,844, equaling a profit of $866,622 for the city. 2010 revenues were $1,322,928, minus expenses of $434,808, equaling a profit of $888,120 for the City of Marietta.

Unincorporated Cobb County does not currently have any red light cameras.

For more information about Marietta’s red light cameras, please contact the City of Marietta Municipal Court Photo Red-Light Division at (770) 794-5435.


  1. I recently received a “red light” ticket. Apparently this is a money maker for Marietta, rather than a safety issue. Would like to know if accident stats have improved with the use of the cameras.

  2. Hi Donna, and thanks for the comment. While traffic cameras are a revenue source for many cities, some studies show that they may not result in a safer intersection.

    The Washington Post found that “the number of accidents has gone up at intersections with the cameras. The increase is the same or worse than at traffic signals without the devices.”

    A 2008 study by the University of South Florida found that “cameras actually increase crashes and injuries, providing a safety argument not to install them.”

    The Virginia Department of Transportation found that “red light running crashes decreased but that rear-end crashes (where a following vehicle strikes the rear of a leading vehicle) increased after the cameras were installed.” Their recommendation following the study was that “red light cameras should not be implemented without an intersection-specific study of the intersection’s crash patterns and geometric characteristics…and that additional controlled studies be conducted at those intersections where red light cameras have been installed.”

  3. I just paid one of these because it would be cheaper than fighting it.
    (travel expenses / gas)

    I got to wondering if maybe because its because I have WYOMING plates, and they saw this as a (as the prev post implies) a revenue source.

    In the pictures, you can plainly see the light is yellow.

    Red Light Camera Photo

    according to Georgia code 40-6-20 / Marietta City ordinance 10-4-170

    “allegedly failed to stop or crossed the white stop line on the pavement and entered the intersection after the circular or arrow signal has turned red.”

    AFTER SIGNAL TURNED RED. this says NOTHING about it being yellow, but like I said, cheaper to pay the fine than travel again and sit in court.

    I’d like to be re-imbursed my money, or I’d like to see my $70 goto the re-wording of the Ordinance.

    • The light is red. It just looks yellow. But the red portion of the light is on. Sorry for you: a) that you got a ticket, and b) that you live in Wyoming.

  4. Well I just got a ticket in the mail for supposedly running a red light at cobb parkway NW at Windy Hill. I say supposedly because 1-there was NO picture of my vehicle running that light included with the citation, 2-the letter stated this was my second letter but this was my first time receiving the notice and 3 on the day in question I was NEVER anywhere on that side of town. I can’t wait to speak with someone about this and get this handled. I will be asking for a hearing no doubt!

  5. I just recieved a letter that in May of 2006 that I ran a red light. I did not recieve any letter at the time the said ran a red light by the way they said this is my second notice. I would like to see a picture of the incident plus if it happen in Marietta why did they send me a letter from Cincinnati? Why did they wait 3 years? I would like to have a fair hearing because I don’t have $750.00 for a ticket I know nothing about!

  6. I received a red light ticket for the same traffic light as WM Luker. I did not receive my first citation but then they sent the “second” certified mail and I had to sign for it. It’s funny to me because the light turned yellow as I was going thru it but they still mailed me a ticket. Oh well, I will pay it but trust me they always lose more money than they make when it comes to these things. I was in a car accident where I guy ran a red light and it was the most tragic thing in my life. I will never run a light but that’s what “they all say”. LOL! Enjoy the $70.00!

  7. Above, WM Luker said “In the pictures, you can plainly see the light is yellow.”

    I only see one picture and the light is clearly red.

  8. I too received a ticket at this same intersection. Not for running the light, but for rolling across the white line after the light was red. This is nothing more than a money making intersection for Cobb County. The Safety issue has little to do with it.

  9. To all the City of Marietta elected offiicials. Is the revenue worth the hate and resentment to the City of Marietta Georgia traffic lights produce? I cannot wait to get annexed into the city and vote.

  10. Are those three intersections still the only ones that enforce the photo red lights? I was passing on South Marietta Parkway and Atlanta Street and thought I saw a flash. Then again, it was early in the morning and I’m not positive. Can you shed some light on whether or not I saw something?

  11. As a resident of Marietta, I am curious to the gross & net revenues for the red light cameras in 2009 & 2010??? Please let us know.

    • According to the City of Marietta, 2009 revenues at all three intersections were $1,420,466, minus expenses of $553,844, equals a profit of $866,622. 2010 revenues were $1,322,928, minus expenses of $434,808, equals a profit of $888,120.

      • Nor does it indicate what the “gross” amount received from the red light cameras, only the gross minus expenses to Marietta. Do these numbers include the for profit company that is running the program? Or just Marietta’s cut from them. I have read on line that Marietta receives only 30% of the actual total revenues.

  12. I got a ticket from the camera on allgood and 41,i clearly ran the red light,no disputing that.

    The problem i have was why does the city make it my problem if i was not driving the car.The government puts the burden on me to prove that i was not driving the car,versus them proving i was driving the car.If i tell the government that i was not driving the car,they want me to tell them who was driving the car,thats not my job,thats there’s.the city solicitor was so proud of his little red light cameras,I am quite convinced that this is just a way for the gov to generate an income,wish i could do this.
    The citizens of marietta need to ban together to get rid of these red light cameras,and send a messege to the wacko solicitor.I believe they try to make it a civil thing rather than a crimal one,im not sure,but i dont think you loose any pts with this system.We just need kick big brother to the curb,thanks for keeping us safe by installing red light cameras,me and my children feel so much safer in great Marietta

    • Brent Dawson, Your statements allow a person to see right through you. I have a feeling that anyone that teams up with you will eventually “loose” lose. It appears you are jealous because you are not the one generating profit from red light camera violations. There’s a reason for red lights. There is a reason for grammar too. It’s not your problem. It’s “there’s”, theirs’. How can you expect to be taken seriously, if you wont use the spellchecker provided on this page? who starts a sentence without using a capital letter?or use punctuation,who doesn’t put at least a space between sentences?Brent Dawson does. You play, you pay. Simple. What if you had ran the red light and killed a family? Citations help you and others like myself remember that the camera is watching. As long as the timing is plausible between yellow to red, it’s fair. The cameras should only used for the purpose intended. It’s not a violation of privacy. However, as I’m sure you are aware, manipulative individuals will abuse any privilege for their own gain. Crimals as you so eloquently put it the word, are hiding behind the shadows of every institution these days. Betraying their fellow man for a dollar. You wish you could make money off the very thing you are protesting. I bet you would do the same thing to us for a dollar. Please don’t fight for my right to privacy because you wish you could violate it for profit,

      • Cass, I’m so glad you pointed out the error’s in grammar.

        You responded to my original post almost 2 years after i had wrote it, you are either a lawyer, or a government employee. I’m thinking Lawyer

    • Interestingly enough, the State of Minnesota rules that cameras like these in Minneapolis were in violate of the state constitution because the camera only identified the vehicle and not the driver.

      Those cameras are no longer present in that state.

  13. Found this in the Thursday July 28, 2011 Los Angeles Times.,0,496609.story

    But for those who ignore them and do not show up in court or admit guilt, neither the city nor the court system will force them to pay. Additionally, Cmdr. Blake Chow of the Los Angeles Police Department said those scofflaws face no risk to their credit rating, car registrations or driver’s licenses.

    Part of the reason that these “red light camera tickets” are unenforceable is that it is unclear who is driving the vehicle at the time of infraction AND it is unclear as to whether legal notifications are being properly delivered by mail.

    Does Cobb County follow the same or similar practices regarding enforcement of red light camera tickets as reported in this article from Los Angeles?

    Does this same set of


    Third article in this blog addresses the non-payment issue of red-light cameras in several metro Atlanta cities. It looks as if not paying a red-light camera ticket has little to no consequences. Possibly a collection agency may cause an issue with your credit report but that is not yet confirmed to be the case.

    Any issue of an unpaid red-light ticket on a consumer’s credit report may be disputed and removed since there is no proof that any consumer was the motorist who was actually driving the vehicle; and/or there is no proof that the consumer received proper legal notification of the red-light camera ticket through the mail. The consumer then has the right not only to have the collection item removed from their credit report, but the consumer also then has the right to bring a civil lawsuit against both the collection agency and the city or county for damages.

  15. We just received a traffic violation notice. It says the alleged incident happened on 9/22 at 1:25 PM by my husband and our Kia Soul. First of all my husband was at work with his white Ford Focus. The picture they sent us is of a Ford Expedition or Explorer with a trailer hitch and key lock entry to open the trunk. Our Kia has neither. Also I had my Kia parked in the parking lot of Pebblebrook High School at the time of the alleged violation. I am a teacher, and I was in class teaching at the time. So unless someone stole my Kia, drove it to Marietta, transformed it into a much larger Ford SUV, and then re-transformed it back and re-parked exactly at my parking space in Mableton, there is something FISHY going on here. The license plate that was photographed is off by one digit from our Kia. Now we have to send in an affadavit contesting the violation when we did nothing? We will have to take time off from work to go to Court? What is going on here? This is ridiculous. And I am very upset.

  16. Marietta (and on a larger scale) Cobb County has a horrible track record for unnecessary traffic citations. Quickly scanning the articles cited, there is no proof that these cameras work, thereby proving this just a way for the city to line their pockets. I saw no sign at my intersection (Allgood & Cobb), but I’m sure if not there already, one will be erected shortly.
    I find it interesting that my citation came from Tempe. Surely you could find a way to keep the outsourcing local and improve our own economy and unemployment rates? Sad.

    • We are currently in the process of investigating potential legal claims against such local Ordinances and would be pleased to give you a Free Consultation. Cases that we accept will be on a Contingency Fee basis.

      Henry A. Turner
      (404) 261-7787

      Notice: The purpose of this posting is to identify select issues that may be of interest to readers. Under Georgia’s Code of Professional Responsibility, portions of this communication may constitute attorney advertising. This posting should not be construed as legal advice or opinion, and is not a substitute for the advice of retained counsel.

  17. I received a citation on the night of June 20th at the intersection of Windy Hill Rd. & Cobb Pkwy. I was coming from Cobb Pkwy and was in the left turning lane to turn onto Windy Hill Rd headed towards Atlanta Rd. I was directly behind a QT tractor trailer waiting for the left turning arrow to turn green. When the arrow turned green I pulled up closer to the truck (as I thought that the arrow would allow more than just one vehicle through). As the truck was turning, I could no longer see the arrow due to its high trailer blocking my view until I was already going through the intersection, which the turning arrow had already turned red by then. I will dispute this $70 ticket.

  18. The whole issue of this camera is designed to yield Marietta money. That is it. The sign is posted on the right side of a 6 lane highway, not at the intersection where everyone can see it. Who can really see where the white line is below the front of the car? As I just wrote this a hole mayor, enjoy the $70 because that is the last time I will ever be in or spend any money in Marietta. These cameras are illegal and this whole business about rolling over a line when at a stop light is simply a way to get money from people. I hope people begin to write politicians to make state laws banning these cameras altogether. It is just another tax and it is clear that these politicians are addicted to the million bucks it generates. They must be stopped. No more money to Marietta…ever. Will just buy online or buy my car from mall of Georgia.

  19. How about you people get your head out of your ass, put the cell phones down and just focus on driving instead of trying to justify the existence of the traffic monitoring devices. Sure, they are a money maker for the city, but that does not automatically make the devices a scapegoat for poor driving skills and drivers that can’t own up to their own faults & mistakes. If people in the Atlanta area would start being a little bit more considerate of other drivers and take responsibility for their own actions, maybe we could one day live in a society where such traffic monitoring devices are not required. I say good for you City of Marietta, keep hitting bad drivers where it hurts.

    • Have you read any of the comments here? Many people are stating that they were not driving at the time, or that the license plate number of the vehicle photographed is not theirs. This isn’t a case of people trying to escape the law, it’s a law that is trying to trap innocent people by being dishonest. I bet if you got one of these tickets by taking a right on red or going through a yellow light or for someone else’s car, you’d be up in arms.

  20. The phone number listed here seems to go to some woman’s personal phone. The Marietta gov’t website shows the Red Light Division as 770-794-5435.

  21. So what is the general consciousness? Pay or not pay? I got mine at Cobb&Wendy hill. Pretty sneaky I say as I don’t recall seeing any signs nor the line in question. Sounds like a money maker to be sure.

  22. As far as I know, if they do not have a photo of your face, they CANNOT charge you because they must charge the DRIVER, not the vehicle. I know one of the commenters here said that neither she nor her husband were driving at the time, so that alone is enough to get the ticket thrown out. For all the courts know, someone else was driving the car, and they must charge a driver, not the car, so if they cannot prove it was YOU driving, they cannot charge you.

    These red-light cameras are flawed for exactly that reason. Who cares that they see your car ran a red light? How do they know it was you that was driving that car?

  23. You don’t have to pay a ticket postmarked more than 10 days from the date of infraction-period. It woked for me, just email the clerk when you dispute the ticket. Cite GA code O.C.G.A. § 40-6-20 section 3B. Good luck!

  24. William,

    I checked out that portion of the code, and you are correct. However, the envelope containing the notice I received bore no postmark. The notice itself bears an “ISSUED” date of 12/30/2014, exactly 10 days after the alleged infraction. How do I determine whether it was simply printed that day or printed and postmarked that day?

  25. O.C.G.A. § 40-14-22 (2013) states ” The minimal yellow light change interval time shall be established in accordance with nationally recognized engineering standards, and any such established time shall not be less than the recognized national standard plus one additional second.
    According to the Institute of Transportation Engineers, for a level highway with a speed limit of 45 MPH, the yellow interval should be no less than 4.31 seconds. Adding the additional second per the OCGA, would increase this to 5.31 seconds. According to the notice I got, the light at Windy Hill & Cobb Parkway has a yellow interval of 4.0 seconds.
    I will be contesting my alleged violation.

  26. Hello.
    Are these the only red light cameras that issue red light tickets to this date?
    What are the traffic light cameras in other places in Marietta used for then?

  27. I’m not paying mine. I’ll let you know what happens. Had to pay by July 7th… We’ll see if I get thrown in JAIL.

  28. My problem with Allgood/Cobb Pkwy is that the light is not visible when you are behind a truck making a left onto Cobb Pkwy. The street descends into the intersection then rises as you go onto Cobb. You can’t see the light until you are in the middle of the intersection. You can run the light unintentionally. The city needs to address this because it is safety hazard, a safety hazard they are profiting off of.

  29. To the City of Marietta,
    I am contesting the letter claiming I committed a violation of an “Amber Light Duration” in Marietta Ga. As per the instructions, I am responding to plead ‘not guilty’ to this charge. Although this option is said to result in this matter going to court; it is my suggestion that the charges be dropped as there was clearly no safety hazards to any vehicles present. This suggestion comes out of respect for tax payers, and my request that their hard earned money not be wasted in such foolish proceedings. As there is no evidence of my involvement with this alleged ‘crime’, as well as the fact that I am not granted my 6th amendment right to face my ‘accuser’ (a camera); I see no way the Municipal Court of Marietta could prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Simply having an officer view the video, will not replace an actual witnessing presence at the intersection. I also find no legal requirement for me to implicate someone else in this process, as it is the government’s responsibility to prove a person’s guilt. It is also my 5th amendment right to remain silent on this matter.
    If it is the government’s decision to move forward in this assumption, I would exercise my right to respectfully request copies of any evidence the prosecution may have of my involvement in this “offense”, copies of tickets for the other traffic offenders in the same intersection photo at the recorded time, and current timing of the yellow arrow duration and/or any timing changes; as well as, all recent maintenance and certification records for the camera(s) involved.

  30. I recently received a passing on red light ticket, but somehow I lost the letter. What can do now and how can I pay the fine?

    • I’m not going to pay the red light ‘fine’ I received. I haven’t seen any consequences out there where someone doesn’t. It’s a private company sending the ‘fine,’ so it appears to be a money making scam. Secondly, a citation in Georgia is supposed to be issued with Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC).

      See John Steakley’s website and type violationinfo in the search field.

      • For David Ashford: So it is now July 2015 and I presume you have not paid the fine for windy hill camera ticket… did you go to court and contest? Has there been a second notice or other negative result yet?

        • Received a certified letter a few months ago. Still no consequences. I was able to renew my tags with no issue either.

  31. I got a “ticket” in April. Never paid it either. Had no issue get my tags renewed. Haven’t heard a thing about it since the follow up reminder bill from them. DON’T pay it!!


    Great read
    Will be going to court to contest on many grounds listed in this article

    – find where Georgia code classified all traffic violations as misdemeanors for procedural purposes
    – find where Georgia code specifies that misdemeanor accused are given rights to face accuser and are presumed to be innocent
    – prove that right not given to face accuser
    – prove that camera presumes accused to be guilty and prove innocence


  33. As a result of theses cameras, I will no longer do business with the dealership I had been using that was located near Windy Hill and Cobb Pkwy. Additionally, I will not do business with any business in the City of Marietta. I hope the business owners appreciate what the City has done for them.

  34. I cannot Believe that the city of Marietta is even Allowed to use these Red Light Cameras. There is a movement across the USA to put a stop to these red light cameras, because they do Not result in fewer accidents/safety. I was listening to a radio program last night talking about this very issue. Several major cities have already done away with these cameras, because it was discovered that most of the revenue from them went into the pockets of corrupt politicians. I sure wish someone would do an Indepth Study of exactly Where the revenue from Marietta’s red light cameras ends up! I betcha anything that the money is Not used to promote Road Safety!

  35. I got a ticket last month and lost the ticket information. I want to pay the ticket online but I don’t see the option to pay it with out the ticket number. Please advise Thanks

  36. What are those Cameras doing on practically every Cobb County intersection, though I understand there are only 3 intersections with red light cameras?

    • From Cobb County’s website:
      There are two different types of cameras used for traffic purposes in Cobb County. One type of camera is used for video detection by electronic traffic signal controllers to detect whether or not a vehicle is present at a traffic signal. They do not record and they are not routinely monitored. The second type of camera is monitored in the County’s Traffic Management Center for incident and event management, and for traffic signal management. These cameras are used for traffic monitoring and the video is not recorded or archived.

  37. I received a letter today from for “NB Cobbparkway & Allgood rd”. Should I pay the $70 fine or ignore? Thanks in advance. What a ripoff. Didn’t court rule these red light cameras are illegal?

  38. How to increase revenue:

    Step 1: Install Red light camera

    Step 2: Make very short yellow light timers, especially at night

    Step 3: Collect profit from people and then charge a service fee on top of that

    Step 4: Pretend like it’s for the safety of citizens

    Step 5: Suck it


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