casey-olson-paintingThe paintings of Casey Olson will be on display at the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce from October 30 to December 18, 2014.

Casey paints the world around her, wherever she has been or dreamed about. So you could call her a landscape painter. But it’s much more than a beautiful vista that attracts her. She is drawn to scenes of stillness and openness that represent the basic flow and positivity of life as she sees it. The simplicity of this outlook comes through in what she chooses to paint: the skies and clouds, trees and fields, waterways and pathways. Similarly, many of the works she’s done lead somewhere unseen and contain an invitation to explore. Her paintings come from a place of presence and reverence. Casey also has an abstract side and paints scenes from her interiority. These paintings are more symbolic and allow a glimpse into the inner workings of a mind on an inner journey.

A long-time resident of Cobb County, Casey lives with her husband and three children in Marietta.

October 30, 2014 to December 18, 2014
Weekdays 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Note: The Chamber is open some evenings, call ahead for availability…(770) 980-2000

Free and open to the public

Cobb County Chamber of Commerce
Diana Brehm Williams Gallery
240 Interstate N Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 Atlanta, GA 30339


For more information, please call (770) 980-2000 or visit


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