We all know that travel conditions on I-285’s top end are a serious problem that must be addressed. But how do we fix the problem? Express buses? Light rail? More lanes? Toll lanes?

In 2006, the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority launched revive285 top end, an initiative to develop a transportation solution for the northern I-285 corridor between I-75 and I-85. The project team, with public input, has since developed eight transportation solutions or “alternatives” to address the I-285 top end problems.

In November 2009, these alternatives were presented at a series of Revive 285 Public Information Open Houses. The project team is now seeking further public input. If you live, work or play on this corridor, this is your opportunity to help determine which of the eight alternatives should move forward, be modified, or be discarded. You can make a difference.

Go online now to www.revive285.com to watch the alternatives video, compare the alternatives with the interactive mapping tool, learn more about the revive285 project and provide valuable feedback via comment, survey or message board. Or, you can contact the project hotline directly at 770-431-7445.


  1. Prohibit tractor trailer travel during rush hour on I-285 and I-75. Atlanta is the only metro city that has not done so. The tractor trailers cause continuing accidents and delay traffic constantly. A simple fix.


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