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We help families find the best senior living option for them, including arranging free senior living facility tours at any location, at no cost! We work in all of Georgia and help navigate senior living options based on location, budget, and care needs! We know how important it is for loved ones to be cared for and we want to find the best place possible. Please fill out the for below and let’s talk through this together.

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    About Us

    Where the Heart Is was started in 2016 by Eddie Biggers and his wife Macaela Worede. They both have had first hand experiences with their own families needing senior care. They discovered the great need to have an advocate in the process. They have become a well-known senior living placement agency in the Atlanta area and have developed a reputation for their hands on approach and true advocating for their clients in navigating senior living options.

    Client Testimonials

    The latest part of our journey had many challenges in finding a safe affordable home for my mother. Mr. Biggers navigated this system for me, he listened to what I wanted for my Mother and showed a true sense of caring. He went above what I experience in most service businesses. He is also very knowledgeable of the senior care industry in Atlanta area.

    – Bonnie Roache

    “Eddie and his company were amazing during the process to help find placement for my father. His diligence, time, compassion and advocating helped us find the best fit for a budget that was affordable.

    He was incredibly knowledgeable about communities and the process from beginning to end. Having no idea where to even begin such a tedious process, Eddie was able to alleviate a huge amount of stress by guiding us and providing valuable information. Our family recommends Where the Heart Is with tremendous support.

    Thank you!”

    – Amy Lindskoog-Fuhrer

    “I cannot recommend Eddie and his company enough if you are looking for assistance in finding a senior living facility. I originally started my own research when we knew it was time to put my parents-in-law into assisted living and, after putting down a deposit on one place that could not take them because of my mother-in-law’s special care needs, I was referred to Eddie and his company.

    What a godsend!! He immediately got to work to find us a suitable place. He fully understood our needs, asked all the right questions and found us places to visit within our preferred area. As a result, we were happy to move my in-laws into a facility that absolutely fits their needs over this past weekend. If you are ever in the situation where you need help in this area, do not hesitate to contact Eddie and his team!!”

    – Liz Andrews

    “Eddie and his team have proven invaluable in helping our family find the right match of care for our mother. They listened to our particular needs, did their homework and helped us work through the nitty gritty with interviews, paperwork, coordination with WellStar Hospital and Hospice. Their recommendations were spot on and well researched. Eddie took incredible pressure off our family during a very difficult time and made this transition as worry-free as possible. This team is kind, responsive and goes above and answers questions you don’t even know to ask. Accolades fall short. On behalf of the family of Bonnie Phillips, we are in your debt. Thank you.”

    – Diana Phillips