The Cobb County School District school calendar for 2016-2017 has been approved.  The calendar that was chosen was option B, preserving fall break.  The board also recommended keeping this same basic schedule each year, and always having two years of approved calendars available.

The calendar includes the required 180 school days or its equivalent.  First semester includes 91 days and ends prior to Winter Holidays.  Second semester includes 89 days, and ends prior to Memorial Day.  Spring Break is scheduled during the first week following the first Sunday in April, providing consistency with other metro school systems.  The school year ends on a Wednesday to provide enough time to schedule graduation ceremonies.

The version not approved, option A, is visible below for comparison.



  1. Why is Georgia backwards for school?? Why can’t the kids have a normal summer like the rest of the states? Why can’t they start either 3rd week of August or first week of September???

  2. Summer break is really a vestige of the past, an antiquated idea from when families needed the kids to have time away from school to help with the crops. Year-round school, with numerous week-long breaks, would offer more opportunities for vacations, camps, or travel. As an added bonus, you would not be off at the same time as everyone else, resulting in cheaper airfare and/or cheaper overall vacations. Year-round school would also be easier for many working families. Lamenting lost summers as ridiculous, backwards, or foolish just seems like misdirected outrage. Can you not have fun with breaks throughout the year?

    • You can have fun without the breaks except for the fact that before every break, a couple days before. the teachers stop teaching and the kids stop learning because of the upcoming break. Therefore with all of these one week breaks, there are many more teaching days lost.

      • Not necessarily!! Not in Cherokee… They have test and or quizzes and projects to still be worked on through out those upcoming random weeks and may need to work on projects that are due the day they get back to school, off those breaks…

  3. Going back to school in August is ridiculous. Last time I checked August was a summer month. Has anyone given thought to the cost of making the school a comfortable temperature? Wouldn’t it be a savings to start school later? Just about every other state starts school after Labor Day. Honestly starting August 1st is a silly decision and it brings children back to school in the hottest month of the year.

  4. I love my kids so year round school and August 1st is a great time to start the new school year. Year round school gives children a better education and they lose less of what they learned the prior year. With a long summer off, kids get restless and bored. Teachers have to spend at least 6 weeks reteaching what the kids forgot through such a long break. Our country is changing and does not have to have kids home for the summer months to bring in the harvest so lets get them educated, take more breaks throughout the year to enjoy them and give them a fresh break from school now and then and help them learn more so they can compete with the rest of the world. It’s also about time that someone thinks about the best interest of our kids rather than playing around and just doing nothing. we have become a lazy country and need to start thinking of educating our kids so they are not left as last in the world.

    • Thank you…. Well said! Im glad theres one thats not ignorant on these crazy comments.. When i grew up we had that 3 month summer.. Then i loved it… But after the 8 weeks my kids are bored they want to see there freinds and that them getting a shorter summer just means there brains wont lose as much information and they still look forward to learning. I LOVE AUGUST 1ST START DATE. . they get out for summer sooner also.. Now not everyone can be a Stay at home Mom bc some of have to work. So the random weeks off is alittle trying at times being a single mom w full time job and 2 in grade school.. Because some dont have that luxury… But anyways… I hope it continues , year round school!

  5. I’m 70 AND grew up in the country on a farm. Even when I was in school, the idea of summer break for kids to help on the farm was outdated. Totally meaningless now. With daylight lasting until 9PM,, there’s plenty of time to put your kids to work after they get home from school.

  6. Might as well start school end of August to the beginning of September. They are giving us these sporadic vacation weeks throughout the year anyway, so the kids are missing school regardless. End the school year mid/end of June and begin the school year end of Aug/beginning of September. I have family who live in other states and every time I can visit or go away they cant because their kids are in school.

    • Hi Juanetta,
      The first semester includes 91 days and ends prior to Winter Holidays. The 9th day of second semester will be the 100th day. January 18th will be the 100th day for students in the 2016-2017 school year in Cobb County.


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