Beginning May 1, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) open burning ban will be in effect for Cobb County as well as 53 other Georgia counties. The annual burn ban begins May 1st and runs through September 30 each year.

During the open burning ban, citizens and businesses cannot burn yard and land-clearing debris. This restriction is in addition to a ban on the burning of household garbage, which is enforced year-round throughout Georgia.

The burn bans were enacted to protect public health, as well as to reduce ground-level ozone. The May through September months are when more people, particularly children, are spending time outdoors. “Limiting open-burning during these hot summer months when ground-level ozone is so readily formed is one of the easiest ways to help Georgia’s air quality continue to improve” says Karen Hays, chief of the Georgia EPD Air Protection Branch.

Some activities, including campfires, cooking food, open-flame devices (blow torch, welding, etc.) and agricultural activities are exempt from the burn ban.

Citizens who do not adhere to the ban may receive a fine. Marietta residents who see illegal burning during the ban can call 911.

For more information, please call the Georgia Environmental Protection Division at (404) 363-7000 or Marietta’s Fire Marshal’s Office at (770) 794-5466.


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