Good Mews is a non-profit Marietta cat shelter providing a no-kill, cage-free haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats. Since 1988, Good Mews has placed over 5,000 cats in permanent homes and has an average adoption rate of 5 cats per week.

Good Mews also promotes public awareness regarding the value of pets, animal welfare, pet overpopulation, and quality human-animal companionship through education and outreach programs. The shelter receives no government support and relys on donations of time, service and money from its supporters.

Good Mews is located in The Fountains at Olde Town shopping center just north of the intersection of Lower Roswell and Johnson Ferry Roads in Marietta, Georgia. Good Mews is home to approximately 100 residents at any given time, most of whom live at the shelter; some also reside in foster care. The cat shelter features a bright and inviting environment with numerous shelves, cat trees, beds, and even a TV and DVD player which provides entertainment for the residents. There is also a separate room with shelves and cat trees just for kittens.

Adoption Hours:
Saturdays from 10am – 4pm
Sundays (except the last Sunday of the month) from 1 pm – 4 pm.
Weekdays by appointment only

Offsite adoptions:
Off-site adoptions are at Pet Supplies Plus on the first Saturday of the month from 10am to 4pm. Pet Supplies Plus is located in the Kroger shopping center at 2960 Shallowford Road, Suite 114-b Marietta, GA 30066.

Good Mews Animal Foundation
736 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite A-3
Marietta, GA 30068

(770) 499-CATS
(770) 499-2287

Good Mews Animal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


  1. Just a note that as of October 1st, Good Mews is open for adoptions at the shelter on all Saturdays, only the first & third Sunday of each month and by appointment on weekdays. Off-site adoption hours and locations remain the same.

    Also, they have a reduced adoption fee for black cats & kittens in October as well as a “two for one” special through the end of the year.

  2. I rescued 4 baby kittens 3 weeks ago. I do not know how old they are. The mother a feral cat left them on our patio. (we feed the feral cats regularly). We first fed them with the bottle, the a week ago we mixed soft canned food with the milk and fed for one week and now have introduced dry food mixed in milk. They are healthy and happy BUT…I cannot keep them and cannot afford to get them wormed and shots.
    Please tell me if you can take them or suggest an alternative.

  3. We took in a stray cat in our neighborhood. Shortly after we realized she was pregnant. We now have 5 kittens and are unable to keep them. I called you guys because of hearing such great things but the message said you are filled to capacity. I don’t want to take them to the pound….please offer us some advice on what to do with these babies. They are now 8 weeks old.

    Thank you,


    • I live down in Montezuma and what we do around here (mainly because the closest shelters are up in Warner Robins, Macon, or down in Americus, and a couple of those places outright will NOT take in any animals that are not directly from within those city limits), we put up fliers in the grocery store and at the vet hospital with pictures of the kittens, tear away strips of paper with contact information, etc. and it rarely takes long at all for people to adopt them. (Because, really, kittens are so darned cute, how can anyone resist?!)
      (Though, as an added bonus, even if it might be a bit extra work for you, get the kittens all fixed and get them all of their basic kitten shots against rabies, feline HIV, etc. If they’re all taken care of, had all of their shots, and are vet approved healthy, they will get adopted very fast. Also, don’t be afraid to advertise a little outside of your hometown (like in local grocery stores or vet clinics) in places where you know fellow pet lovers will go. No where huge but just somewhere it’ll catch people’s eye. Practally guaranteed those little ones will go to good homes.)
      And, though it may be a bit much to some, darn if it doesn’t make them irresistable, make a facebook page just for the kittens and put a bunch of pictures of the kittens there showing the individual kittens, the personality traits you’ve noticed, the favorite toys they play with, any noticed allergies, etc.

      I’ve had to sit through trying to adopt out 4 litters of kittens in the past, and take it from me, getting the word out only helps your cause, especially if the little ones are already fixed and had their kitten shots. (The ones already taken care of like that go like hot cakes.)

      Best of luck with your kittens and here’s hoping they all find loving, welcoming homes soon! <3

  4. Yes I took a momma cat in from the neighborhood while she was pregnant she has four kittens they are five weeks now . I was wondering how to go about on getting them to a shelter so they can get good homes. I think her milk is making them sick. I have whined them off a little but there isn’t much I can do.


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